Hi, I'm faery.

About me


I started my photographic journey at the tender age of 8 when my father gave me my first film SLR camera.  Photography was one of the only subjects that captured my attention and I spent many hours of my mis-spent youth, (much to my mothers delight) in a dark room fastidiously bringing the photos I took to life.  

When I was old enough to be let loose into the world I spent the vast majority of it travelling and photographing. Not only did this open up many doors to my otherwise naïve self but also fuelled my love for capturing it all on camera.  I feel my passion for portraiture and those tiny details of a truer self have grown along the way.


My partner and I, for the past 5 years have dedicated ourselves to living off grid with an awareness of the environmental impact we make.  We live in a truly beautiful area in South Norfolk and I am very proud of the fact that our small self-built home and therefore my business is run from 100% renewable energy.  I charge, edit and use my equipment in a sustainable way, using only solar power.  The systems we have in place are quite complex and without writing about them all, I'll just say, we live simply leaving a light footprint. 

Winter can sometimes be hard, but the other 3 seasons are glorious and I think its a sacrifice worth making.  I genuinely feel connected to the outside world and its perhaps this that makes me want to photograph outside; making it fresh and exciting, and making it different everyday. 


For me, photography is about capturing those glimpses, those moments which make you unique and individual.  It's not about being in a studio, its about getting out there and experiencing something real in a natural environment.  I think it is about letting go of any preconceived ideas of a set up, which is a challenge for the perfectionist in me as every shoot is different and no two are the same, so that the end result is one of a kind. It is your uniqueness that keeps me on my toes, and that is what I find interesting.


After being on a fertility journey, with those long awaited days I am now the mother of an amazing, strong willed, tiny dancer who's only three and who surprises me everyday.  So I really know and understand the want, and sometimes the need, to have those keepsakes; a document of how things have changed and how things once were.

On a more practical note, I am fully insured and have had additional training in advanced photography in 2 London schools:  WAES  and Morley College. 



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