I offer a bespoke service without any rush or fuss, as well as competitive and transparent prices.

Each package includes a gift of 2 fully edited digital copies. and a private online viewing gallery with approximately 20-30 custom processed photos.

For extra printed products or digital images please see  Products.




  • A special time of nurturing while you baby is growing inside you.

  • Giving you a full relaxing 2 hours to take lots of lovely photos and to go at pace that suits you. 

  • Its best to book a session for between 28-35 weeks. That way you have a nice lovely bump but are not too big that you start to feel uncomfortable.

  • Siblings to be and partners are welcome to join in.

  • Included is a private online gallery to view approximately 20-30 custom processed photos.  So you can view your images in the comfort of your own home and in your own time





  • We set aside 4 hours so you and your newborn can take lots of breaks.  

  • To capture those first moments of your tiny one it is preferable before 2 weeks, while they still have a lovely womb like curl.  But its important to be flexible and sometimes they can look cuter when they have put on some baby fat. 

  • Doing the photo shoot in your own home has it advantages: you don't have to leave the house (quite daunting with a newborn sometimes) and having just given birth and exhausted, I essentially bring everything to you and capture those first moments of sleepy cuddles.

  • We will tailor the photo shoot to whatever suits your baby's personality on the day. 

  • I will bring spare nappies/blankets, muslin cloth and baby wipes, just for those little accidents that are bound to happen. 



  • Family portraiture for all age ranges, from sitting littlies to older siblings.

  • 2 hours for you and your family to have fun at a location that you choose.

  • Using 100% natural light, usually outdoors so your children can be freer with more playfulness and creativity.

  • Please note a family photo shoot includes a maximum of 2 adults and 3 children.  Any extra family members will incur additional costs of £30 per person

  • Birthday fun to capture those milestones, especially in those early years.

  • Early mornings or late afternoons are the best for beautiful natural light and a glow that can bounce on all smiling faces.

  • Post production and editing of 20-30 images for you to choose from.

Professionally Printed Products



Fine Art Prints                    

Any sizes up to 12x10      £36 each

(In order to make prices as fair as possible I have included

some packages which greatly reduces the amounts per print.)


5 Prints        £125  (£25 per print)

10 Prints      £220  (£22 per print)

15 Prints       £300  (£20 per print)

20 Prints      £360  (£18 per print)

 Other sizes available.    


Unlocked CD of digital files 

Approximately 15 images with

personalised wooden USB stick      £250

***Upgrade and save *** 

All digital images in gallery               £350

 Art Panel  

(your photos printed on a lightweight but solid panel with

a black edge band to make any image pop)


 20 x 16"        £170

 30 x 20"       £205

 36 x 24"        £245

Other sizes available.

Classic canvas wrap

20 x 16"        £170

30 x 20"       £195

36 x 24"        £215

Other sizes available.

Albums - Keepsake Accordion

(10 of your favourite pictures in a personal fold-out accordion for your family and friends)

mini accordions at 3x3 or 4x3   (minimum order of 3)   

3       £175

4       £195

5       £215

6       £235

Cluster splits

(3 separate eye catching photos mounted on a choice of alumini,

 panel or canvas wrap)

 3 - 12 x 10         £285

 3 - 18 x 12         £345

Other sizes available.

Multi Art Panel 

(your photos printed in a series or a cluster within one panelled wall display. Something innovative for you to look at those memories everyday)

3 panels side by side - 8x8, 10x8, 8x8          £205


5 panels in a cluster 

(4 images surrounding a centre image)

 - centre image 8x8

 - 2 10x8 landscape + 2 10x8 portrait            £260

Please note that some images might have to be cropped depending on the size you choose and the best fit.  I will personally design, edit and arrange your photos for the best visual outcome.

More products are available.  If there is anything specifically that you would like, please just ask. 

Prices are subject to change at any time.



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