Photographing baby in the elements.

This Autumn I decided that I really wanted to take photos of my one and only, firstborn, love of my life baby, in the carpet of leaves that was blanketing the ground wherever we went. Such a beautiful time of year and I was itching to get my camera out.

Balancing my new life with him, it isn't always so easy to give myself the time to do a proper photoshoot and the inevitable phone camera comes out rather then setting up my digital SLR, as its always to hand, resulting in thousands of photos on my phone, blurry, and not up to the standard that I could get excited about. Although to be fair I have managed to get a few sneaky ones when he's been otherwise occupied and not phone shy.

So, dragging my partner out - an absolute must I have later realized as he can pull funny faces and get our little boy to look up as babies aren't very interested in looking at you when you have a black square thing in your face and they can't see your eyes and as you are trying to make eye contact with them and get them to look at you - oops yes you guessed it - you've missed that lovely smile! So I enlisted my second in command to grab, hold, wave and call at our boy.

It worked like a treat, although something happened that neither of us were expecting and that was the rate at which he shoveled leaves into his mouth off the ground. Of course we expected some matter to end up on the taste buds, however we couldn't scoop them out of his mouth faster than he would put it back in with his other hand. It was a free for all sensation session. Despite my partner racing back and forth, in and out of shot to scoop some leaf out of his mouth while he munched away, we got some amazing photos that I will certainly treasure forever.

Photography tips of the day

1: Make sure you have someone to wave at your little one while taking photos.

It makes life so much easier than trying to do it all by yourself and they will look up at someone pulling silly faces above you while you concentrate on the composition you want.

2: Surrender.

I keep learning this everyday, surrender to what your child is into at the time, if they want to eat leaves, let them eat leaves (maybe find some clean ones) and you will have a happy baby and great looking natural photos of your day out.

3: Take lots of breaks.

Babies and children get bored and tire easily of your agenda to take lots of photos.

4: Pick somewhere with a nice background.

Whether its on the grass, let the grass fill the frame around your subject, or with trees in the background, have the trees come in above your subjects head, so you don't have the horizon line cutting behind your babies/toddlers body.

We had such a fun day, taking pictures of him delightfully eating leaves and looking up sweetly as if to say, look what I've found. This stuff is amazing!



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