Lifestyle, natural photos.

Lifestyle photography: its my preference and more and more people are enjoying this type of photography. Natural photos taken in Your home, surrounded by Your things and Your essence.

For me its more representative, like a window into your life, a secret photographed glimpse of what its like being you and then capturing it forever.

It's more intimate having your photos taken in your home, or at a location that holds a certain magic for you. Something less artificial and familiar about seeing beautifully composed images near Your window, on Your bed, sat in Your chair with Your blankets.

There's also a comfort being in your own space, something more relaxing. That's when facial expressions, smiles begin to turn from the more timid and camera shy to spontaneous and adventurous because with familiarity comes an ease with your surroundings. These I feel make the best and more pleasing photos.

Other pros to having a photo shoot take place in your home are not having to travel to a studio. Especially with a newborn, it can be such a daunting prospect when they are so tiny and you are most likely exhausted. Its so much easier having the photo shoot come to you.

I also find that there is less pressure on timing. Not trying to achieve a certain pose means you can let go and go with the flow. Just focusing on the interaction that transpires, between you and your baby. The instinctive communication that occurs, open, innocent, genuine personality of your newborn, however it comes.

I certainly favour seeing my home in the background of my photos, reminding me of little details I may have missed or a place I don't see anymore.

Life inevitable changes and its wonderful to reminisce and get a flood of memories coming back.

But if the white crisp background is still what you truly want, its amazing what you can achieve with a few props to have the studio feel brought to you.

I love capturing those fleeting little details, especially for newborns; Sleeping peacefully with arms up in the air, tiny feet, a grasp of a finger, a look of bewilderment.

And when they sleep, which they eventually do.

Well then it doesn't matter where you are.

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