1st Birthdays for Mums

Its been my first born's first birthday and of course I wanted to make a fuss of him. Or was it rather I needed a fuss made of me? Having some marker and recognition that, as a mum, I've made it through the first year: the biggest change in my life. Definitely the most challenging but also the most rewarding time I've ever experienced.

He is, in my eyes at least, a most scrummy baby to take pictures of and what baby doesn't smile when presented with lots of crinkly paper to play with (toys are of no consequence - just the paper please mummy!)

Its a milestone isn't it? For your baby, yourself, and your partner if you have one. Its about saying well done all of you. No one can prepare you for this year, you just have to go through it, and now your baby is on the brink of becoming a toddler - not quite but so close it's palpable. They are changing so quickly and gaining more and more independence and becoming more like little people with their ever growing cache of skills. Its exciting and delightful to watch them grow.

He was actually ill on his actual No. 1 day, so we decided to give him his first birthday cake (sugar free of course) a couple of days later in the sunshine.

He's never had cake of any kind before so this was some kind of magical mystery tour. Have I set myself up for a fall here?

Don't forget I'm available if you would like some photos to remember your 1st year milestone - oops I mean your baby's ;)



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