Ecologically run business.

Did you know that Faery Moore Photography uses renewable energy?

My partner and I, 5 years ago decided to make the commitment to living a more simple life with a lesser impact on the environment. Having a small carbon footprint is really important to me and its a value I hope to pass onto my son, giving him the knowledge and lifestyle to know how to do it. It isn’t easy sometimes and we have learned so much along the way, but it’s definitely possibly without giving up too much of those comforts that we are so readily used to.

I think if we can do it with a toddler then perhaps we can show people what can be achieved if we put out minds to it. Change definitely does start at home.

We use solar energy to power our needs. Lights, smart phones, computers, ipads, sound system, blender, baby monitor, (our needs have grown since having a child) plus other things that I’m sure i just plug in without thinking about it.

In the lighter months we are powering lawnmowers, power tools, fridges and freezers. In the darker months (maybe about 3 of them) we have to turn these things off and simply not use them. But there-in lies the sacrifice, and when its colder outside we don’t use those things anyway, so it seems to work out.

Being off grid means that we have to store our energy, so we have a huge battery bank with mini computers to tell us whats going on; energy coming in and going out, how much we have, inverters and lots of clever things that the technology of today makes it all very possible. Even 10 years ago I’m not sure it would be as achievable as it is today, and the technology and advancements are only getting better. Exciting times!

Where-ever possible we change/convert things to 12v (which is better for our input/output) but sometimes this is just not possible, so we convert our solar energy into normal 240v electricity to power such things like my Mac Desktop, charging my camera equipment and other things, which is exactly what I am using now to write this. Therefore all my editing work, blog posts, use of my computer and camera equipment comes from a renewable source and this is something I must admit to being proud of.

Other lifestyle changes we have had to make include having a wood burning stove to keep us warm and toasty (which is really does, but the sacrifice here is keeping on top of having wood thats seasoned, dry, cut and ready to burn). We have a quite a complex system in place for our waste, lots of which we reuse, especially our compostables which get used every year for a veggie garden and the plants seem to love it. Our water gets heated by a solar water heater and also a back boiler that is fitted into our fire. I could go on and it can get quite in-depth to explain all the systems we have in place to run our home/business, but I do believe it is worth it and I feel humbled by it.

My partner also runs an ecological business in pressing apples for juice. Again with the environment in mind, he uses a wood fired pasturiser for getting the right temperature ......

In todays changing world, I think more and more of us will be making the leap to purchasing environmentally aware products, supporting ecological businesses and changing the way we live one step at a time. Because our world is worth it, and we do care about maintaining its beauty.

'I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order'

John Burroughs

'Cherish the natural world, because you're a part of it and you depend on it.'

Sir David Attenborough

If you are reading this then I'm guessing you are already making those changes.

If you would like any further information then please do get in contact with me and I will endevour to answer all your quiries.

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